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What to do When Roof Hail Damage Happens

Roof hail damage can happen after any hail storm, no matter what size of hail falls from the sky. Even pea-sized hail can cause hail damage on roofs. The most common roof hail damage from pea-sized hail is dents and dings, which can affect the value of the home and the integrity of the roof. If the hailstorm throws down golf ball size or tennis ball size hail, the force of impact can shatter skylights, rip off gutters, shred the exterior paint and break through shingles.   

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How to Prepare Before Roof Hail Damage

Hailstorms may be short-lived but they can cause major hail damage on roofs. In the US, about 3,000 hail storms occur every year, and those hailstorms cause about $1 billion in damages each year. What is the best way to prepare before roof hail damage? Here are some tips that will save you money and help you feel confident before the arrival of hail season.

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Commercial Roof Hail Damage at Colorado Mills Mall

Colorado Mills Shopping Mall experienced significant roof hail damage from a severe hail storm that occurred on May 8, 2017. The hail caused openings in the commercial roof that were big enough to allow rainwater to flood the interior of the mall. The mall is currently closed for roof repair and restoration. Some stores are open, and the goal is that the entire mall be open on Black Friday in time for the holiday shopping season.

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