Free Residential and Commercial Roof Wind and Hail Damage Roof Inspection Serving Denver and Surrounding Areas

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Peak to Peak Roofing provides FREE wind and hail damage roof inspection for both residential and commercial properties.

If your home was impacted by a hail storm, our Insurance Claims Specialists will provide you with a comprehensive 10 point wind & hail damage inspection to assess for storm damage of the roof and entire exterior of your home. As a General Contractor our desire is to restore your home into better condition than it was before the storm. We achieve this by not only repairing all damages to manufacture’s specifications but also by bringing your home up to the most current International Building Code standards. If your home or office was not impacted by a storm but you feel a ‘check up’ is in order we will take no less care in assessing the needs of your roof & home or office building. Call us at (720) 328-5682 for your free inspection today.

We inspect, replace and repair all types of roofs from tar to wood shake and shingle.


Your FREE wind and hail damage Roof Inspection Includes:

  • An Insurance Claims Specialist; not only knows how to assess storm damage but also knows the insurance process and is a powerful advocate to utilize for maximizing of insurance benefits and code upgrading.
  • 10 point wind and hail inspection. Inspect the entire exterior; roof, gutters, windows, siding, fascia, garage door, fence, deck, A/C
    unit and personal property.
  • Straight forward and honest inspection offering peace of mind; if your home is in great condition we will let you know.
  • Entire inspection and advocacy process is free of charge. We want to build relationships.
  • Local, Licensed and Insured General Contractor. We know Colorado and its environments.

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